System Tool And How To Remove It

System Tool

Have you got a "System Tool" window popping out in your desktop every minute? Bad news, you are infected with a very, very annoying virus. To clean the virus out of your computer you'll be relying on this guide. Click read more to go on.

So, maybe you only want to learn what is a "system tool" virus, then go ahead! No harm in learning something new.

 If you're looking for solutions, then please increase your attention span, you're going to need it.*Long Post Alert*

Why You Should Get Rid Of  "System Tool".

It's a freaking virus, annoying as (sorry) F@#k and can be dangerous in the long run. The System Tool virus targets victims by installing the System Tool application without your knowledge. After the installation, the virus will create continuous pop-ups, convincing you that your computer is infected with a continuous "virus scan". (boot-ups, every one minute and every time you open something)

System ToolThe good news is that it is a fake virus scan. Your computer is not infected in any ways but the fake System Tool antivirus itself. If you think you got the System Tool virus, go ahead, check it out by opening a program or something. 
You done? There should be a pop-up showing that should read:
  • System Tool Warning
  • Security Monitor: WARNING! 
  • Warning: Your computer is infected
  • and others.

If you got that, then please don't do anything confidential like signing in to your Facebook and stuff. The virus will log everything and your privacy can be compromised.

The "System Tool" purpose is to scam you to pay its "full version" fee, promising to get rid of all your problems. Ironically, the "System Tool" itself is the only problem you have to get rid of.

Where You Got The "System Tool" Virus

I think no one really knows where the 'malware' came from, maybe from downloading a suspicious file or maybe from browsing the web, it's not really a biggie where you got them. 

How To Remove "System Tool"

Here's what you are waiting for. First, stop panicking and calm down, the person responsible for spreading the virus is probably not seeing your computer's confidential information right now. After all there are a lot of people that got the same infection as yours and it's fairly impossible for "them" to check out every single computer they infect with their "system tool" virus. 

The Hard Way

Download this software: 

Install it somewhere and update your MalwareBytes Anti Malware when you're done. Run Malwarebytes scanning utility and wait for the results. You should see a couple "Rogue.System Tool" malware in the results.

System Tool

When it's done click Remove Selected button to remove all the system tool malware. You might have to reboot if Malwarebytes prompts you to. You're done now. At least this was it in my case. The problems might be different for other people. If you have any other problems, please let me know by commenting below.

The Easy Way

I don't really recommend this, but if you don't have anything important in your computer and can't spare any time in solving this problem, then by all means, format your computer. It will do the job but prepare to lose ALL files in your computer. I will hold no responsibility in the actions you take. I repeat, you will lose all files. Yes, everything! But at least you will bring the system tool virus with you.

For a more detailed guide regarding the "System Tool" Virus you might want to refer to an excellent explanation through bleepingcomputer. If you got any remaining problems please let me know by commenting below. 

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