Should You Wait For Surface?

Should You Wait For Surface?

Just 3 days ago, Microsoft announced its first tablet with Windows 8 called "Surface". It's as official as it can get, with Surface's official page finally opening up at Microsoft's website So, if you're currently in the market for a tablet, this announcement might leave you wondering whether to buy that new iPad HD or wait for Surface. After all, the Surface can make you wait for at least another 3 months. Hit the jump if you're wondering if Surface is really worth the wait.

Why Should I Wait For Surface?

As much as I love my iPad right now, Microsoft's Surface offers a tablet that can really function as a computer, which means a whole lot of neat productivity stuff. Since it will run Windows 8, it is said that it can actually run 'true and full' Windows programs and not just some mini versions of them (like iPad's photoshop). Anyways, it can be a pretty long wait (2-3 months or Fall 2012) before the Surface is released, so if you're in a 'Tablet Fever', then go ahead, buy an iPad or two.

What's Inside Surface

The Surface will offer two versions of itself. A Windows 8 RT Surface and a Windows 8 Professional Surface. Both has a goody Full-HD 1920x1080 10.6" screen with Gorilla Glass 2 (read:-- strong, anti-scratch glass) and packs a whole lot power inside (Ultrabook-grade Intel Core i5 or some version of Nvidia Tegra for the Windows RT version). Both versions of Surface will have an integrated "stand" (seen in picture), USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, an HDMI port, Micro-SD and up to 128GB of storage. The Surface will be built around a VaporMg chassis and a 13,5 millimetre thickness to boot. It also weights only a meager 900 grams for the Professional version and about 600 grams for the RT version.

Surface vs iPad

The last time I heard, Microsoft also announced its flagship accessory for the Surface, called the 'Touch Cover', which is basically a keyboard and a touchpad nicely disguised as a magnetic front cover.

Although it looks a bit uncomfortable to type on, I can only drool on the prospect of typing a full project in a real keyboard the next time I bring a tablet. So for the productivity addicts out there, I personally think that the Surface (or at least it's Windows 8 Professional version), is really, really worth the wait, especially if you're thinking of writing or editing photos while on-the-go. As much as I hate to say, the iPad or well, any android tablet, can't really do those stuff. Okay, it can, though in a very roundabout manner, for example, with the iPad you need to buy a $30 adapter just to be able to connect a USB device.

Going back to the Surface, I think it's very much possible to directly connect your camera to the tablet's USB port and do some serious photo editing. (read:--not limited to filters). If you are thinking to buy a tablet that can actually do what your laptops can do, then Surface is pretty much your only solution right now.

When will surface be released?

Surface is reported to release along with Windows 8 for the Windows RT version and 3 months after that for the Windows 8 Professional version. It will be released and packaged with its 'Touch Cover'. The Windows 8 RT Surface is said to be at least 'competitive' with other similar tablets while the Windows 8 Professional Surface retail price is reported to be around an Ultrabook's price, which can be anywhere around $900-$1200.

Here's some eye-candy treat for you while waiting:

For more detailed differences between the two version of Surfaces visit Engadget.

Hi-res images from Microsoft's Surface official page.

Update: the Windows RT and Windows Professional Surface will be priced at $599 and $999 respectively

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