Make Your Own Light Show With DIY Color Changing Tubes

The good folks from Audiobody are finally sharing the secrets behind their awesome light shows, well, at least one of them anyways. If you fancy juggling then why don't juggle some color-changing light tubes instead? Hit the jump to see the full details on how the magic is made, including an instructional video. For the new DIY-ers out there, don't worry, the video is easy enough to understand for everyone. At least that's what they said.

The whole tutorial video is easy to follow if you are familiar with some electronics. No soldering is needed from what I see, which might ease up those people who are unfamiliar with them. The whole system should only cost you $30 a pop and seems to be idiot-proof enough.  Basically what you need is:

  1. The Streamlight Microsteam LED Pen Light - $17
  2. Some plastic tubes you can order from Northcore Ind.
  3. And some logic

Quoting from Audiobody's official website, the size of the plastic tube they bought from Northcore Ind. are
We used this size, but you can definitely experiment with different sizes: 1.5" ID x .095" wall (OD approximately 1.69")  They stock them in 60" lengths and we cut ours to about 28".

The whole color-changing light tubes really reminds me of star wars renowned "light sabers", and if juggling some "light-sabers" is not an enticing enough idea for you, then I don't know what will. Did I mention they are really cool for some jedi sword-fights? And if you're interested in making your own awesome light shows you might want to check their performance first.

The whole instructional video is made by Audiobody and full credits should go to them. 
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