German Glove Enables Deaf-Blind To Text

Faith in humanity restored! It's kind of old news (from April), but it's interesting enough and I always thought that I am going to post this news if I have a blog. German's Design Research Lab has developed a special glove for the deaf-blind to text. Yes, text! How can a glove help them to text? If I didn't know any better I'd say they would be more obstructive rather than helpful. Have you ever tried typing in your small mobile screen with a glove? Well, you can't. Learn more after the break!

So, based on what I read at medgadget (kinda similar to engadget, I know) I can say that the glove uses a communication language standardized for deaf-blind people using hand gestures, finger and palm movements called the "Lorm Deafblind Manual Alphabet".  The movements will then be translated as alphabets in connected mobile phones using bluetooth signal. Further developments may also enable deaf-blind people to "read" ebooks or documents by "feeling" the glove.
Here's the video of the glove in action:

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