Discover Gmail Hidden Features

Discover Gmail Hidden Features

Gmail is currently rated as the most popular e-mail client in the whole world. It offers you a clean and simple interface that is very easy to navigate and look at. If you have an account, you might not know that there is a settings page integrated in it. It's kinda easy to miss and even if you saw it I highly doubt anyone ever took the time to explore Gmail's setting page. Anyways, I took a quick stroll inside (so you don't have to) and found some very, very interesting features that Google had probably forgotten to mention.

1. There Are Keyboard Shortcuts

Discover Gmail Hidden Features
Maybe I am retarded, I don't know, maybe I really am. I have used Gmail for more than 2 years and yet I never knew there are keyboard shortcuts available. Google has the feature off by default though, probably to avoid any confusion when you accidentally pressed something. But I think they made the right decision since the delete shortcut is a freaking '#' key. Who would have thought, Google? To see the full list check out Gmail's keyboard shortcuts page.

2. An Always Use HTTPS Option

Discover Gmail Hidden Features
You might have noticed a https link when you open websites the likes of Facebook or Twitter, but Gmail also offers the extra security feature to you. If you have never tampered with the settings, Gmail should always point you to the https version. To be sure, you might want to check the https setting through the General tab in the settings page. I don't know why they would want to include a 'don't always use https' option though. Well, you should never say no to extra security, you might never know when that 2-3 clicks will save you.

3. Desktop Notifications

Discover Gmail Hidden Features
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There are a lot of apps that can do the same task, but if you want them to come through Gmail directly you can set them up over the General tab in the settings page. Just check the 'New mail notifications on' option and you are set! Some precautions though:

  • "When you enable notifications, you'll need to make sure is allowed to show desktop notifications".
  • "Desktop notifications won't appear if you don't have Gmail open on any Google Chrome browser pages, or are signed out of Gmail".
So yes, you might want to search for a better desktop Gmail notification app. Right now I am using Notify from vibealicious.

4. Setting Up An Automatic Responder

Discover Gmail Hidden Features
So, Gmail have given us our personal 'answering machine'. Too bad I have never known about them before (and now you know!). You can write a message to say that you are in a vacation, for example. You can set the responder to start and end in dates. Keep this tip in mind in case you need to go somewhere and don't want to bother replying to e-mails all day. If you are expecting important e-mails coming up, then you might want to write a message that tells the sender that you are away in vacation and to contact you back at *specify date*.

5. Access Gmail While Offline

Discover Gmail Hidden Features

Ever got disconnected from the internet while checking up your e-mails in Gmail? Maybe you were writing up a reply to an important mail or maybe you were reading something from your archives, in any ways, I recommend you to install the 'Offline Gmail' feature.  You might never know when this will happen, but you'll be glad you did. 
To access this handy feature, go to your settings page then click on the Offline tab. There is only one option, so I guess I don't have to explain anymore. To install directly go to this link, Offline Google Mail

This ends my 'Discover Gmail Hidden Features' post. What do you know about Gmail that we don't? Share them with us down at comments below!
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