Cut, Copy, Paste- The Most Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

Cut, Copy, Paste

Over the foremost 15 years I have learned how to use keyboard shortcuts that has helped to ease up all the work I need to do over the computer and on the internet. Today I'm going to discuss the most useful ones of all keyboard shortcuts.

Firstly though, let's explore what I meant by a keyboard shortcut and how they  get repetitive tasks done abundantly faster. A keyboard shortcut is a way to use windows functions using the keyboard. Typically they use two or added keys, excepting some newer keyboards that accept "Quick Keys" that automate alike  accomplishments to a distinct key. For this How-To I will use a 104 key-keyboard. A 104 key- keyboard has the accepted letters/numbers/Function keys/keypad but additionally has 3 keys advised accurately for windows use. Those keys accept symbols on them,see the flags on the bottom (left and right) of your keyboard? Try pressing it for an easy way to get to the start menu.

For now, let us learn THE most-used shortcuts for windows.
• Cut
• Copy
• Paste
• Select All

These are, I think, the most useful shortcuts you can probably think right off the bat.

For all three shortcuts please press the CTRL key, I use the one in the lower left end of the keyboard. Go open a writing software you want, for this example we will use the notepad app.
Go ahead write something :D

CTRL+A: Select All
Now that you  typed out a sentence, press on the CTRL key (keep holding) and press the letter A, simultaneously. At this point, you should notice that the words you typed is selected (highlighted). This is the action of Select all, it selects any and all items on the window.

With all the words highlighted, lets try out the CUT command. Again, press-hold on the CTRL key and this time press the letter X together. All the words should disappear. Don't worry we will get it back now!

CTRL+V: Paste
To get it aback columnist and authority the CTRL key afresh and this time columnist the letter V. The argument will be PASTED aback into the window.

So, in conclusion you have learnt:
• CTRL - A = select ALL
• CTRL - X = Cut
• CTRL - V = Paste

The Final Lesson: CTRL+C: Copy

The function CTRL + C, my favorite. It works exactly like the CUT function albeit quite differently.
Go ahead, try it yourself to understand it better.


You done? Now nothing seems to happen. But try pressing  CTRL + V
Voila! The words/sentences is back, and now there are two of them!
This is basically similar to the CUT function only your original words/sentences are not gone.

These functions are not bound to word editors like Block or WordPad. These commands can be used in various applications in the Windows OS. (or most other OS) But we will return to that later.

Final Words

A word about applying the Cut command with files, due to the way the Cut command interacts with files (photos, documents) it is advised (safer) to instead use the Copy command. Doing so will ensure that your original file is still there (not deleted) . It is a blemish in the way the Cut command works.
Work Fast and Safe now!

Anthony Wijaya

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