Anthony Wijaya is the sole author and founder of techexperience.net. I am 17 years old this year (2012),
living my college life here in Indonesia and love Ironman to the core.

Let's see, I love the color blue along with pink (contrast, not girlish or something like that), and am addicted to buying domains.  

My blog talks about technology primarily (but not limited to). I am focusing on the life aspect in technology (how it can help you) and tries to write some news in between.

I write 2 hours a day, slipping in between my busy college duties (homework anyone?).

Luckily, I major in computer science, which kinda helps with this whole blogging stuff. Hopefully Techexperience will grow along with me while I study for web design and stuff.

English is not what you call my "Mother's Tongue", so excuse a little grammar mistakes here and there along the way.

Techexperience was born when I was 14, so it is 3 years ago. Got bored then and only started blogging again the month before (Damn you young me!). Deleted all my junk posts and started to write serious posts, good or not you decide. 

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